House Trends Going out of Style in 2020

Trends are always coming and going over the years. As we begin a new decade, we leave a lot of trends behind us and welcome the new ones. Keep reading to find out the extremely popular trends that won’t be so stylish in 2020.

All White or Gray Décor

We saw a lot of this in the past couple years. Particularly, the all-white trend. However, people are starting to realize it feels less “homey” and more “sterile.” Gray will no longer be a main color either, but we will see it move to an accent position instead.

So, what’s next? Warmer colors! Beige and warm neutrals will be back in style. Mixing a matching will also be a huge trend we will see.

Accent Walls

Although they were a good way to test out color, accent walls will become extinct over the next couple years. This year, all the walls will be painted a bold color.

Farm House Décor

This will now begin looking and feeling outdated. Barn doors and rustic sliding doors are fleeting.

Single Use Spaces

2020 will bring less formality and more functionality. The office will double as a guest room, the basement as a gym, the walk-in closet as a reading area, etc.

Singular Design Schemes

Boho style will be entering more homes and people will begin mixing contemporary pieces and vintage. This will create a warmer look and feel.

Faux Anything

If you loved the faux plant trend because you can’t keep a real one alive, you’re not alone. But unfortunately, we will be saying bye to that trend in 2020. Stylists now say it feels gimmicky. We will return to real objects. However, the faux trend will live on through blankets, you will still see faux fur throws in the years to come.

A lot of decorative objects or décor

You won’t see too many decorative objects. Minimalism is there to stay. Designers recommend refreshing decorative objects seasonally.

Neon Lights

Neon lighting is definitely having its moment but just like most trends, it will be fleeting in the upcoming year.