​Wooden Fence Colors That Will Wow Your Neighbors

Wooden fences get a bad reputation because of their tendency to be bland. Avoid the ick and create a stunning piece of style outside your home. Homeowners are taking to painting their fences colors that are beautiful and bold. Here are the wooden fence colors that will wow your neighbors.

Wooden fences need to be given some attention every spring or summer. Check it over for signs of water damage or rot. Paint or stain will help your fence stand up to the elements over the next year, and make it a beautiful to your landscape.

Beautiful Blue

Choosing a blue that has grey and slate in it creates a rustic feel around your home. Try a color like Amsterdam which is a deep color with a touch of stylish modernity. Wrap your home in a barely blue fence for a touch of class.

Gorgeous Gray

Staining your wooden fence gray is a popular choice. It looks rustic but well cared for. Gray is the intersection of modern and classic, meaning it will work on nearly all styles of homes. Try a stain color like Eucalyptus for the look of weathered refinement.

Decadent Dark Yellow

This isn’t a sunshine fence. Don’t think bright goldenrod fence posts. Golden Ember stain isn’t brown but will show as a golden brown color when applied to a wooden fence. It’s a classic look that has a hint of artistic creativity put into it. This stain wears well on wood and looks effortless.

Delightful Dark Gray

Dark gray wood stain is growing in popularity with it showing up all over Pinterest. The color makes your home feel modern and hip. Choose a strong color like Granite for a curb appeal that is off the charts.

Don’t be limited in your search for a fence color by keeping it naturally brown. There are colors available from mild to wild in stains and paints. Make sure you talk to your home improvement or paint store to choose the best option for your area and fence type.

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