Get Your Home’s Summer Exterior Ready In 4 Steps

After a long winter and spring, summer is here. Since most of us are ready to get outside and blow off some steam, we need to take care of our summer chores first. Your home’s exterior might not be as eager to greet summer as you are. Annually, you should perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your house. Here is how to get your home’s summer exterior ready in 4 steps.

1: Look for paint imperfections.

Temperature fluctuations and precipitation can cause your home and paint to expand and contract slightly. When this happens over and over, your paint can give way and crack. Painting over these issues will only fix the problem temporarily. Scrape away any peeling paint and sand the wall smooth. Prime and paint the wall to camouflage the repair.

2: Repair and repaint any trim.

Trim tends to show wear before the remainder of your house. Because it’s typically wooden, trim can warp, swell or rot from water intrusion. After a good look at your trim, if you have some that is failing, replace or repair the trim and complete the look with a new paint job. This is a good time to paint any other trim that is looking less than fresh.

3: Power wash your home.

If your home isn’t quite due for a complete exterior paint job, a power washing could help refresh it for the season. Wash away the grunge of fall and winter with a low powered pressure washer. Be very careful not to use too much pressure as it can damage substrates with divots or pitting. While you’re at it, take to the patio, deck or front porch as well.

4: Wash, repair, or replace window screens.

To get your windows ready for summer breezes, remove storm windows and replace them with screens. Wash the windows, inside and outside and check them all for tight seals to the walls. Caulking is used to finish seals on the exterior of windows and it can crack and fall away from the temperature changes over the winter. If you find areas where you could benefit from repairs, use a paintable caulk to fix issues, allow it to dry and finish the project by painting over it. Your repairs will be invisible and your HVAC system will thank you.

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