3 Mistakes Most Commercial Painters Make

Painting in your commercial space is a necessity to put your company’s best foot forward

It can be a nuisance and an inconvenience to repaint your commercial space. A commercial space is a home away from home for your employees and you want it to look nice. Don’t let an overdue painting project turn off clients and employees. Here are 3 mistakes commercial painters make.


Some commercial painting crews miss the small details on a job. One big complaint from offices in particular is that their plugs are painted on the wall. At the same time, you don’t want a crew of painters running around willy nilly unplugging power cords and strips. A bit of communication between the crew and your co-workers can solve a lot of heartache. Your staff should be notified of the schedule to avoid damage to hardware and software from an electrical interruption. There’s no reason to deal with lost work and computer damage if you just communicate what’s happening between teams.

Moving items around

Some furniture including desks, credenzas and couches will likely need to be moved around to complete the painting job. These spaces are very personal to each employee, and having a stranger move items around and rifle through things can be very intrusive. Setting up a plan with your crew and sharing that information with your staff can help mitigate problems. With everyone in the loop together, preparation can be made and expectations managed.


Walls require specific instructions. Typically there are large pieces of furniture against walls that will need to be dealt with. This is even more of an issue in industrial and warehouse facilities with large equipment near walls. Hash out who is moving the items and what is being painted around. This will help you have a better outcome and potentially save time and energy later in the project.

Continuing an open dialogue with your painters and employees will help you get the best results from your planned project. Sharing expectations helps the crew to give you what you are hoping for. Remember, working together will get the work done in a time and manner everyone is happy with.

With these tips, you should feel confident in your commercial painting project. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a free estimate to discuss the work with our team.

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