Best Paint Colors for a Boho Themed Bedroom

6 Ideas For Bedroom Colors Right From The Pros

Whether you are a DIYer or hire professional interior painters, go bohemian in your bedroom for a stylish and colorful option. The colors are chic and stylish with a world-traveler influence reflective of Asia, India and Morocco. Since the emphasis is on color, painting your bohemian bedroom is the first step followed by layering the looks together. Here are the best paint colors for a boho bedroom.

Color Wheel

Go to the color wheel when choosing your palette. To get a truly boho look, you’ll want to start with two or three vibrant colors used together throughout your decor. The colors opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary and will create a dramatic look when paired together. Add an accent color from nearly anywhere on the wheel for a pleasing design.

Wall Stencils

Add drama to your walls by using stencils to paint a pattern on the wall. The trick to bohemian looks is layering your design elements. Pick a damask, floral or paisley pattern to give layers to your wall. Use complementary colors to paint the stencil on the wall.

Color Ideas

When choosing your colors, the prospect of the entire color wheel can be daunting. Here are some professional color consultant tested combinations to get your room makeover started.

Melon and Mustard

Choose a warm medium melon with a mustard ceiling. The colors are perfectly accented with dark wood furniture and trim like molding and windows. Pull in the colors more with accessories featuring the color in the print. This will give your room a cohesive look.

Aqua and Lime

Using two versions of green together creates a bright bedroom straight out of India. Using aqua on the walls with a lime green trim matched with a yellow ceiling makes a perfectly pleasant room for rest. Bring in some warm orange through accessories and your room will boast a rich palette of style.

Tangerine and Sunflower

The warmth of Morocco is exhibited when you match warm tangerine and sunflower together. Take orange to the walls and yellow to the trim and ceiling. Use some dark furniture to bring the richness of the area into the room. Try to include pillows from the purple, pink and brown families.

At the end of the day it doesn’t hurt to look out into the world for inspiration. Even if these aren’t quite what you’re used to, look around, talk to our color consultants and liven up your space with something wonderful.