Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Ideas

Is your kitchen causing you angst? Bring the heart back to your hearth of your home with a painting job on your kitchen cabinets.

If the cabinets in your kitchen are made of quality wood and in good shape, it might not be necessary to replace them. You can get an updated look for less cost by painting the cabinets.

Here are kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas to get you started.

Kitchen renovations of any sort are surely a mess. Your room will be inoperable for at least a week. Since most homes now follow a great room plan, there are few walls and doors to contain the dust and paint mess. Even professional crews struggle to accomplish this project quickly and contain it in the room. Planning ahead will make the project more manageable.

Cabinet painting is a complicated project for crews and novices alike. They are the architectural focus in the room so they really need to be done right. As a high-touch, high-impact paint job, quality supplies and work will be important. The following ideas on paint will provide you a good outcome and stand up to the wear and tear of slamming cabinets and grimy fingers alike.

Milk Paint

Milk paint is a good option for home painters who are unsure of their ability. Because the finished paint is meant to be uneven and varying gradients, brush strokes and holidays will be virtually impossible to identify. There are quite a few options in colors and the low luster quality will hide fingerprints.


Painting cabinets doesn’t mean you are limited to one color. Ombre is huge in everything from clothes to walls, so why not bring the color scheme to your kitchen. Choose a color you like for your cabinets, then go with a lighter or darker hue. Place the darker on bottom cabinets, lighter on top. This also gives your room a more airy feeling, with the optical illusion of a vaulted ceiling.

Dual Color

Another way to use multiple colors in your cabinets without succumbing to trendy ombre is to try dual color. Use one shade on the doors of your cabinets, and another on the frames. It’s a nod of whimsy in your kitchen and incorporates color into what could otherwise be a very bland room.

Barn Red with Sage Green

Do not go Christmas red and green! The colors of barn red and sage green are far enough away from holiday colors but provide a farmhouse feel to cottages and condos alike. Using softer and more jewel tone colors within these families will let your cabinets take center stage in your kitchen. When attempting this look, limit the colors on the floor, walls and counters.

Leaf Green and White

Get a natural feeling around your high tech appliances by bringing in leaf green and white. This color palette gives your room an open and natural feeling while being easy to work with. To get the most out of these colors, use natural wood and furniture around them. They will counteract the stainless steel appliances most kitchens have today.

Matching Shades

If matching colors together scares you, don’t fret. Choose one color that appeals to you and use it in varying gradients. Go with a very light version on the walls, darker cabinets and then get accessories in varying depths of tone. You’ll have a pulled together look without working hard to pair colors or fearing missteps.

Black and Red

Want to feel like your favorite soda shop? Go red! Pair it with black and white to tone down the color. This will avoid overwhelming the eyes. Make sure you choose a singular shade of red in your kitchen and don’t vary it. It’s a retro kitchen you’ll be happy to work in.

Orange and Gray

Using orange can be cumbersome, but pairing it with gray makes a warm and inviting kitchen that encourages playful banter. Try gray as your cabinet color and orange accessories and textiles to add a pop of color to the room. This will modernize a more traditional, wood-based kitchen but allow the coziness to shine through.

Baby Green and Yellow

Dark kitchens are so cold and uninviting. If you’re dealing with a room lacking in windows, bring in the outside by painting with baby green and yellow. The combination is reminiscent of daffodils outside. It warms the room and steals the stuffiness from the air. For best results, leave your countertops bare and neutral.

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