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Commercial Painting Project

When a large car dealer called in early December and had to have their 12,000 sq ft body shop painted by year’s end we jumped into motion! After painting his personal residence, he knew we’d do a great job on the body shop too.

The body shop presented a couple of unique challenges:

    • Fixed awnings that made the areas above them inaccessible by ladders.
    • The short timeline meant the body shop had to be painted in colder temperatures.

We were able to reach the areas above the awning with a 45’ articulating boom lift. To find a suitable paint we worked with our Sherwin Williams representative to determine that a new paint called Loxon Self-Cleaning was the best solution. Loxon Self-Cleaning can be applied down to 35 degrees and offers the added benefit of shedding dirt with rainwater contact. This ensures the building will stay looking great longer.

In the end, we delivered the project on budget and on time!

Building Front - Before

Building Front - After

Building Front - Before

Building Front - After

Exterior Wall with Window - Before

Exterior Wall with Window - After

Back of Building Section - Before

Back of Building Section - After