Paint Colors that Will Make your Home look Dirtier

We spend a lot of time keeping our homes clean. It is difficult keeping up with dust that accumulates on our floors, surfaces, walls, etc. Walls are the most inconvenient to clean and it can seem like everyday you’re finding a new scratch or scuff mark. Even the cleanest of rooms will appear dirty if the walls look dirty. The paint color on your walls can actually be the reason your walls are appearing dirty. Keep reading to find out the paint colors to avoid and some alternatives to make sure your house looks its best.

Brown, tan or yellow.

All of these colors can tend to look dingy. You don’t want them as the paint color or in the undertones of another shade you may pick.

Pick the right neutral shade.

Stay away from “muddy” colors. A lot of beige shades can look this way so make sure you are choosing one that is more sand colored and warmer. Also, stay away from brown of yellow undertones.

Pick the right shade of white.

White paint is supposed to make the room look open and clean however in some cases it can actually look the space look dirty. You want the shade to be bright and warm (but not too warm.

Find the right balance.

Keep walls looking clean by avoiding extremes. You don’t want an extremely cool undertone or an extremely warm undertone.

Avoid Pastels.

They are just difficult to keep clean.

Keep the baseboards clean.

This may seem like an annoying step, but it makes all the difference. You can always paint the baseboard a darker shade than the walls, so you won’t have to clean them as often or touch them up as often.

Invest in high-quality paint.

If you’re choosing the right color and it still looks dingy it could be the quality of the paint. Cheaper paint doesn’t cover the walls as well and will end up looking dingy. It is worth is to make the investment. Otherwise you will find yourself repainting way more often than necessary.