Exterior House Painting, Chandler, AZ: The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Spring

There’s a good chance you could be looking at an exterior paint job this spring, you could find yourself with a plethora of color options. Here are spring house painting tips, the best exterior paint colors for spring from your local exterior house painters, Chandler, AZ.

Greige Exterior Paint

chandler house paintersAn updated neutral comes in the form of greige. It works as easily as a neutral beige with a new style in gray. It’s a contemporary yet classic option for your house. The color reads natural but amped up. The color can work in cool or warm color schemes and create an inviting appeal.





Brown Exterior Paint

greige exteriorBrowns are experiencing a renaissance in color usage and for good reason. The right brown with trim in classic colors can give you a perfectly classic look. This is particularly successful for homeowners looking to put their home on the market this summer. Brown siding with white trim is classic and appealing to nearly any style. For a stylish alternative, add a dark brown for the trim, rather than white.



White Exterior Paint

white exteriorIf you are seeking a more classic look, you could be well suited for white. Warm or cool tones give the color more style. You’ll be able to pair the color with nearly any other trim colors. When choosing keep the tones in mind. Don’t forget to take into account the shrubbery and flowers in your yard.

White Paint Tip! White paint can seem stark without a bit of color. Using white as the majority of your home gives you the opportunity to experiment with pops of vibrant colors. Bring in a bright blue, green or red to decorate shutters, trim or doors. It adds a fun element to an otherwise bland home.



Soft Yellow Exterior Paint

ahwatukee exterior painterTo tap into your springtime cheerfulness, go with a soft, buttery yellow exterior. Your home will stand out without being overly bright. Plus, each time you come home, you’ll have a sunny disposition approaching the door. Be careful not to overdo the yellow, aim for a less saturated hue. Paired with black, green or white complementary trim, and your house will be the star of the block.



Green Exterior Paint

Condo PaintingIf you love green, this is for you. Green and olive houses are back en vogue. Light sage or earthy green works especially well if your house is situated among a lush, woodsy landscape. If you’re working with a Victorian or Colonial style house, try dark forest green. Pair it with white trim and shutters to avoid looking overly dark.

Green Paint Tip! Masonry and brick can be softened with lighter shades of green on shutters and other exterior trim elements.



Blue Exterior Paint

neighborhood paint ideasMany homeowners find themselves drawn to blues for their exterior paint jobs. Environments typically dictate the shade of blue that will work best for you. Dark navy can be especially stunning when paired with white, while light blue gives you an airiness and coastal feel.

Blue Paint Tip! Light blue colors are suited for warmer climates since they are slower to show fading from the bright sunshine. On the opposite note, darker blues work really well in more mild climates.


How Do I Choose Exterior Paint Colors?

Paint contractor inspecting workBefore you land on a color for your exterior paint job this spring, be sure to do your research. This ensures that your choice will be accepted and loved by you, and the neighborhood. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Check with your neighbors or HOA.

Some HOAs will require your color to be on their approved list of options. They can be very particular when it comes to options.

Know your goals. Are you looking to sell your home this year? Or is this paint job something you are set on enjoying for quite some time?

Pay attention to permanent accents. Sometimes there isn’t a way to change the color of an architectural element, or you might not want to. Look at things like shingles, chimneys, slate or brick and work with colors that go well within a color scheme with your choice.

Take stock of your landscape. Natural surroundings are a good place to start your color search. Trees and flowers add color to your yard, so take them into account when you shop for a new color. They should be considered as part of your palette.

Consult a paint color expert. This is a big choice, and it’s common for homeowners to feel overwhelmed or lost in the process. Many painting companies and big box stores will have a color consultant to help you maneuver the landscape. These professionals are very knowledgeable in your location, what colors work and options for your home.

Get your house digitally painted. With new technology, there are apps and programs that will allow you to test a color digitally on a picture of your home. This allows you to get a good idea of what the new colors might look like without ever picking up a paintbrush. Keep in mind that the technology doesn’t always allow for different lighting or times of year, but it will give you a good start.

Leave Spring House Painting Projects to Professional Painters

exterior house paintersIf you’re working with a home that is larger than you are comfortable with, there are always professional exterior house painters in Chandler, AZ ready to help. When considering a crew, look at the size of your home, the landscape and any intricate details. Feeling overwhelmed? Call us! Schedule a free, in-home estimate today.