12 Cool Ways to Paint Walls from the Experts at CertaPro Painters®

Looking for inspiration beyond plain, painted walls? If you don’t want to hang art, but want your wall to be the art, here are 12 cool ways to paint walls.

These DIY projects will step up your paint game while adding texture, patterns and other artistic inspiration. Use great colors and new techniques to make your walls stand out.

1. Ombre

Use lighter and darker variations of a color to create the light to dark ombre look that is taking over. This is especially successful when the color chosen is a bright, vibrant tone.

2. Paint pens

Get some paint pens and go to town on the walls. This can make a classy-looking wallpaper look. Choose a dark and a light color, a stencil or pattern and start drawing. It’s perfect for an accent wall to a living room or study.

3. Faux Denim

Give a teen a neat room by incorporating their favorite fabric on the walls. As an added bonus, the look is easily accomplished in a small budget. Because denim is so versatile as a clothing, a denim-looking wall will create the same backdrop for a room.

4. Wall art

Create a piece of art on a section of your wall. Use a neutral background like beige or gray and choose a bright color. In varying shades of the color, tape off a design like a color wheel. Paint each section getting progressively lighter or darker. It creates the illusion of an art piece on the wall that matches perfectly with your decor.

5. Spring geometry

This is probably the most fun way to use a hated math class. Choose a color palette like spring colors, variations of the same color, or other scheme that speaks to you. Then choose a geometric shape like triangles or parallelograms. Tape off varying sizes of the shape and begin randomly painting in the shapes. The result will be an avant garde art piece on your wall.

6. Handwriting wall

Paint your wall a basic white. Get a marker and do your best detention script writing. Choose a statement to repeat over and over until the wall is full. The mantra should be something you’d like to see daily.

7. Mountain mural

Want to live in the mountains, but a move to them isn’t possible? Bring the mountains to you! Using varying degrees of a color, begin painting uneven triangles to resemble mountains in the distance. With a little skill, you’ll be looking at the mountainous terrain in no time.

8. Chevron

One of the easiest ways to create a wall art piece is to create chevron stripes. They are so formatted and measured that anyone can have a great outcome with a little patience and time. The bent stripes make a statement without worrying about leveling and height.

9. Dripping

Create a fun drip wall by filling syringes (no needles) with different colors of paint. “Inject” the color at the top of the wall and watch it drip down. It doesn’t have to always reach the floor. It will create a fun way to incorporate color into a room without painting a whole wall.

10. Headboard silhouette

Rather than a traditional headboard, use black paint to fashion one on the wall. Make sure you are ready to commit to your bed position in the room, then paint a headboard on the wall. It can be funky, stylish or traditional. Because you are painting it, color and design are restricted only by your imagination.

11. Polka dots

Paint your wall a solid color you like. Use Washi tape to create circles of varying colors you like. Try a combination that accents the items already in your room. Adhere them to the walls and voila – polka dot fun!

12. Argyle

With a couple of coats and some painters tape, an argyle statement wall is easily made. Create squares for the white stripes and do your first coat of light paint. Once it’s completely dried, offset the next set of blocks by half and start again. When you are done, you’ll have an argyle print that is as good as dad’s socks.