Completing a DIY Painting Project? Here’s What You Need to Know

Advice on DIY Painting Projects… Should you take on the Project Yourself? The number one reason people do not want to paint their own homes is because it takes a lot of patience. Painting consist of preparation, plenty of work, and then cleanup. It takes far longer for homeowners to take on the project themselves rather than calling the pros. Why? Because professional painters have learned the techniques to make the process go as smooth and fast as possible. Of course, if you just want to complete some touch ups this is probably worth completing yourself. If you think you are up for the task, read the following tips!

Preparation – Take down wall hangings and move furniture. Take down any mirrors, pictures, art, etc. that are hanging on your walls. Then move all of the furniture out of the room or away from the walls. If there are pieces of furniture you are unable to move, make sure to cover them with plastic.

Protect Yourself- Now that you’ve protected your furniture against getting splattered with paint, now take care of yourself. Wear proper eye protection and pick clothes you don’t care if you have to throw away after. You may also consider a face mask.

Clean and Complete Minor Repairs- Wipe down the walls before painting to get rid of any buildup. Fix any holes, dents or cracks that you may find.

Taping- This is probably the worst step in process because it takes the longest and requires the most patience. However, you should not skip this step. If you want straight lines and better results… tape!

Gather Tools- The basic supplies you will need are patch blades, caulk, sandpaper or an electric sander, protective eyewear, facemask, stirrers, roller covers, brushes, trays, rags, painter’s tape, and of course paint!

If you decide your DIY painting project has become too overwhelming, give our team at CertaPro Painters®  of Chagrin Falls a call we’re happy to help!