Deck Staining: Why You Should Do It Yourself

Deck staining seems easy enough. You just buy the stain, clean off the deck, and start painting the stain onto the deck. Right? Not exactly. That’s why people often call us for our deck staining services after they’ve tried to do it themselves.

Deck staining takes skill and knowledge for it to look good. The key words are “to look good”.

Sure, you can simply apply deck stain to the porch or back deck, but you likely won’t be happy with the results.

deck sandingWhy People Choose Deck Staining Services in Yakima

The reason people contact CertaPro Painters® of Central Washington for deck staining services is because they want professionals to handle the process.

The process is the following:

Clean the Deck

Cleaning the deck means removing debris and then power washing it.

Repairing the Wood

Once the deck is clean, it’s easier to see if there’s any damage. This damage will be taken care of by either replacing wood or sanding any pieces that have come up.

Prepping the Wood

deck staining

If there’s any oil on the deck, the stain will not adhere to it. This will cause the stained deck to look spotty and unattractive. Removing the oils from the wood will let the stain seep into the wood evenly.

Applying the Stain

It’s important that stain gets applied to the wood evenly or parts of it will look darker than other parts. Our deck staining professionals know how to apply it so each part of the deck gets the same amount of stain.

What Happens After Deck Staining

Once the deck has been stained, our job site supervisor will have you do a walk through to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We want to make sure that everything looks good and is up to your standards before we leave.

What About Deck Painting?

Deck painting is a possibility for those who would rather have us use paint instead of stain. If you already have paint on your deck, we’ll need to remove it, sand and then repaint. That’s no problem for us, but then again, we have the experience necessary for it.

Deck paint also needs to be applied evenly, so that it all looks the same shade. The wood also needs to be repaired and prepped for the best results. These are the reasons people decide to contact us for deck painting services.

deck staining services

Deck Painting and Deck Staining Cost

The cost of deck painting and/or staining depends on the size of the deck and how much of it needs to be repaired. The only way to know the true cost of deck painting or deck staining is to contact us for an in-home estimate. You can call us at 509-966-3043 to schedule a time for our estimator to come out to your home, or you can click here to book a time online.

CertaPro Painters® is committed to providing the best deck staining services in Yakima and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking forward to spending time on a beautiful porch or deck this summer and upcoming fall, contact us to find out how we can make it look brand new again.