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Winter Storm Damage Repair Painting by CertaPro Painters®

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the winter storm damage. As in past disasters, CertaPro® Painters is available to offer local expertise whenever it is needed. As members of the community, each CertaPro® Painters business is locally owned and operated and has local teams perform our work. We Are Your Neighbors & We Are In This Together. You may be dealing with busted pipes, ceiling damage, or outside property damage. We’re here to help you get your property repaired.

Winter Storms in San Antonio, TX

CertaPro Painters®️ of Central San Antonio were proud to aid in the repairs and renovations necessary after the Winter Storm of February 2021. The term “winter storm” comes from the devastating combination of a blizzard, freezing rain, and a subsequent tornado outbreak. Over 200 injuries or deaths were caused by the 2021 Winter Storm in Texas, and the aftermath left the homes and livelihoods of survivors, in ruins.

Although San Antonio is known for its high temperatures often in the high 80s, winter storms create a situation best described as the polar opposite (pun intended). In Houston the temperature dropped to below 17°F, breaking the previous record set over a century ago in 1905. Other areas of Texas were hit even harder. According to CNN, San Antonio dipped down to 12°F, and other areas even fell below 10°F.

In times of great stress like these, its important to remember that you are not alone. Your friends and neighbors here at CertaPro Painters® are here to help. When the situation settles, consider the repairs necessary to bring your home back to its proper condition.

Home Exterior Issues Caused by Winter Storms

While San Antonio summers create an issue of sun damage and humidity, winter storms are far more dangerous. From fallen trees to leaking roofs, the damage to your home can be catastrophic. After fundamental repairs are completed, consider CertaPro to help with the following problems.

Drywall Repair: Whether its a perforated wall or gradual water damage, CertaPro has a skilled staff ready to make your home like new.

Stucco Damage: Stucco is a great material to protect your home from sun damage in the coming summer. And, it can be customized with your color of choice. If your stucco home has suffered damage, contact CertaPro today for a free estimate.

Power WashingWhether its mold, oil, or a damaged paintjob – CertaPro Painters can powerwash your home to give you a clean fresh start.

Guidelines to Help Avoid Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Your local CertaPro® Painters has experience to do the work right the first time. It is sad to say, but at times like this you need to be on the lookout for fly-by-night contractors looking to take advantage of you. Before beginning any restoration process, take photos of the damage. Then, when you’re ready, make sure to ask any contractor you are going to hire the following questions:

Have you worked with Insurance Companies before?

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Does your company carry liability insurance? If so how much?

What are your payment options?

Who will physically perform the work on my home? How long have they worked with/for you?

What is your process and how long with the work take?

Is the proposal in writing and list what is included – labor, equipment, and materials?