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Residential Project in Calgary & Central Alberta

In March 2022, CertaPro Painters® of Calgary & Central Alberta, assisted a Calgary homeowner in transforming the interior of their residence. The tiled floor was swapped out with LVP flooring and the counters and island were replaced to give a more modern feel. CertaPro Painters of Calgary & Central Alberta gave this home a complete makeover from the kitchen to the halls and even the stairways!

The primary points of focus were on painting the walls and doors, refreshing the trim, and completing the popcorn ceiling removal that really enhanced the modern feeling of the room.

CertaPro Painters® of Calgary & Central Alberta handled this task exactly to customer specifications and with the highest level of professionalism. When you need painters in Calgary, CertaPro is the way to go.

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after remodel

Each project has their own set of unique obstacles. This Calgary home required a careful look at each area of the interior. The client was consulted about every proposal to ensure a professional update to the home.

The color consultation was vital for the walls and cabinets to compliment the countertop and other furnishings. Naturally, this is a more involved process than a simple same-color update. Each area of the house needed its own care and attention to secure a finished product with zero bleeding or missing spots.


Outdated Paint Coat – The red and gray color scheme of the home interior was hard on the eyes and clashed badly with other aspects of the remodeling.

Popcorn Ceiling – Many homes build from the 1930s to the 1990s featured popcorn ceilings to absorb noise between floors. However, modern homeowners view them as a nuisance and often times, as unnecessary.


Preparation – Certapro’s site team surveyed the property and conducted extensive prep to complete a full interior repaint
Painting – The interior was repainted a classic white throughout the house, in order to counteract the arbitrary nature of the previous color scheme

PROJECT TIMELINE – 8 weeks- including remodel

Before Photos

Before the project began, CertaPro Painters® of Calgary & Central Alberta, surveyed the home to locate the areas requiring the most attention and repair.

Before Paint & Remodel

Before Paint & Remodel

The kitchen featured a jarring red wall near the windows and door before CertaPro arrived

Gray Depressing Hallway

Gray Depressing Hallway

Even during the daytime, the gray painted walls made the room feel more like a tunnel than a walkway

Side View Before Repaint

Side View Before Repaint

Notice the color shift immediately from gray to red at the corner of the room.

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The Final Result

CertaPro’s professionals gathered images of the final product to document the improvements in color and conditions for the home, displaying its newly found modern appeal.

Kitchen Interior Color Change

Kitchen Interior Color Change

Rather than gray and red, this vibrant modern kitchen sports pure white walls for a fresh and energizing feel.

Repainted Kitchen Counter

Repainted Kitchen Counter

The rural green shade on the counter is a perfect compliment to the brown hardwood floors.

Repainted Walkway

Repainted Walkway

The switch from gray to white was a great contrast from the new hardwood flooring.