Cabinetry Makeover For Every Need

Cabinets can be a real drag when it comes to updating your home with style and pizzazz. Changing out custom created cabinets can be a burden to your wallet. In a room like a kitchen, where cabinets take up a majority of the space, it’s hard to work around them.

Cabinets in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen can quickly date your room and make it look tired. It used to be when you chose the cabinets, you were committing to them until such time as you replaced them. We have options for you. Don’t be afraid to change your cabinetry with paint!


Before updating your cabinetry, it’s important to make sure your cabinets themselves are in good condition. This service is appropriate for solid wooden cabinets. They more than likely will previously have been stained or painted. Either is prime for a new coating. Do not feel like you are required to restain stained cabinets, or repaint painted cabinets. Our team can remove the final coating that is on them before applying the new one depending on the desired outcome you want.

Coatings for cabinets are engineered for surfaces like cabinets and trim. This paint will not work on a wall; don’t try it! Painters will have recommendations for your project based on their experience with the product and personal preference. Use their knowledge in addition to any additional benefits you are looking for, such as dry time, odor, stain blocking, or other added benefits.


Our CertaPro Painters of Boulder team is made up of some of the most experienced cabinet professionals in the business. Services like this require skilled craftsmen with years of experience and apprenticeship. They are prepared to thoroughly repaint your cabinets and update your room.


To have a successful job, it’s important for the team to take time through each step. This makes the cabinets more sturdy. They will stand up to the high-touch and high-impact needs of a cabinet. Repeated touching and slamming can result in chips and cracks if proper care isn’t taken during the application process.


Preparation is key. The current finish and make up of each cabinet job will set the tone for the project. All of these projects are custom designed to achieve the best results for the homeowner. Some cabinets are scuff-sanded while others are chemically treated to remove finishes and gloss before the work of changing the color begins.


For a job of this caliber, priming is crucial. Without it, the new paint or stain will not adhere to the surface properly. In addition to helping the new coating last, the primer will also help avoid resin bleed-through and add stain-blocking abilities.


Our crew contact designated for your project will provide you with schedule updates and final project expectations. Communication is important in jobs like this, where you will likely be out of your kitchen for several days.

While coatings are a great option and can be successful in changing a kitchen’s look, it’s important you manage your expectations. Some coatings will provide you a fantastic look. Others will still allow some imperfections to show through. If your cabinets have large knots, gouaches, or cracks, this will still be evident even after the best paint job. Know that you will get a refreshed look, but if you want the feel of perfectly brand new cabinets, and yours are old and gouged, new cabinets might be what you need.


In addition to cabinets in your home, these same services are available for wooden elements throughout the house. We can update the look of crown molding, wainscoting, built-ins, dressers, chair rails, wood panels, windows, doors, and frames.

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