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Deck Panting & Staining Services in Boise, ID

If you’re in the market for having your deck, fence, patio, or archways around your home refinished, painted, or stained, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2010 CertaPro Painters® of Boise, ID has provided professional Deck Painting and Staining services to the Boise, ID area. We are accredited and A+ rated by the BBB, highly reviewed, and offer a 2 year warranty on many of the services we perform.


It is recommended that an exterior wooden surface is repainted, restained, refinished, or resealed as often as every 2-3 years. Some symptoms of a compromised exterior wooden surface that may need to resealed, restained, or repainted, include a chipping seal, a fading stain or paint, or peeling paint. When your paint, stain, or seal on your exterior wooden surface becomes compromised, it becomes vulnerable to moisture and/or wear and tear damage. Moisture can cause warping, splintering, and eventually rotting. This is especially true for decks which have items placed and moved upon them, and are walked on.

Excellent job! Friendly & approachable painters.

- Cara S. | Eagle, ID

Cara S. | Eagle, ID

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Deck Staining projects typically follow the steps below:


deck painting scrape lose paint


First, any dirt, leaves, or other obstructions will be removed from the surface. Then the paint will be scraped off to prepare the surface.

Power washing deck before staining

Power Wash

The surface will then be power washed to ensure that the surface is clear of any of the byproducts of the previous scraping step.

To ensure the surface is ready for stain or paint, we will thoroughly power wash.

Deck sanding service


If there are any areas of the surface that are raised or have any loose splinters, they will be sanded down.

Exterior deck staining service

Paint or Stain

The surface will then be fully prepared and painting or staining can begin.

Very helpful, professional and friendly!

- Drew S. | Eagle, ID

Drew S. | Eagle, ID

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