Private Residence in Marietta, Georgia

The client's residence, a two-story, single-family home in an affluent neighborhood of Marietta, Georgia, was built in 1973. The years had not been kind to the structure's wood siding, which showed extensive weather damage and top-to-bottom peeling of the previous coatings. Aware of the complexity of the project, the client conducted her own research and decided that CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta would be the best fit for the job.

A closer examination by the CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta project team suggested that a past painting contractor had applied a poorly matched combination of coatings to the home's exterior, accounting for the peeling surfaces. Because of the home's age, the job would require strict attention to EPA protocols for lead-based paints, including special care to minimize chipping, flaking and dust production.

After completing a significant amount of carpentry and prep work to the home, the CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta project team applied a full coat of bonding primer to even out existing surfaces and provide an easily adhered-to-surface for a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, spot priming with peel bonding primer was required in many sections.

Start to finish, the project took a little more than two weeks. Pleased with the results, the homeowner said she planned to use CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta for future work.

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