Simone FasielloField Production Supervisor

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Simone Fasiello brings a wealth of construction experience to his role. His journey in the construction field began in his native country, where he honed his skills in roofing and house painting. Simone is fluent in English and Spanish, further enriching his ability to communicate and connect with others. Upon relocating to Atlanta, Simone continued to expand his expertise in the painting field. His hands-on experience has equipped him with invaluable insights into project management, ensuring the successful completion of each endeavor and the satisfaction of every customer. Outside of work, Simone finds joy in soccer, both as a spectator and player. He also treasures moments spent traveling and exploring new places with his family, embracing the opportunity to create lasting memories together. With a dedication to excellence and a passion for both his professional and personal pursuits, Simone Fasiello embodies the spirit of hard work, determination, and adventure. His commitment to delivering exceptional results and fostering meaningful connections underscores his role as a valuable asset to our team.