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The Shed at Glenwood Painting Project

Located Just outside Decatur, Georgia, The Shed at Glenwood has been described as “a casual concept (restaurant) with serious food.” The business features a large, open floorplan with lofty, 2.5-story interior ceilings.

Built in 2004, The Shed was in decent working condition but long overdue for a new look. The restaurant owners were eager to see a contemporary refresh of the building’s outmoded decor, and painting would become the central part of the rebranding project.

Work began with light drywall repairs to address the cracks, gouges and holes that time hard use had inflicted on the restaurant interior. The CertaPro Painters of Atlanta® painting crew applied a new coat of latex paint to the restaurant’s wall surfaces; for the metal HVAC vent grids, they chose Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial™ Pro-Cryl Universal Primer and a topcoat of Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial™ DTM acrylic paint.

The work took three days to complete and posed few complications, though there were challenges with accessing the wall above the barista station. The timeline was a brisk, too: The business was closed from Sunday evening to mid-day Tuesday, and work had to be completed within that brief window.

When asked to describe the best part of working with CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta, the client made special mention of the “detailed communication plan” and the CertaPro team’s ability to meet a tight timeline – with no excessive downtime for normal business operations. The restaurant owners have since hired CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta to paint their personal residence in East Atlanta.


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Project Photos

Below are photos of the interior of the restaurant after project completion. Click on an image to zoom in.

Interior After Painting

Interior After Painting

Entrance from the inside of the building after painting and restoration was completed.

Painted walls & ceilings

Painted walls & ceilings

The project had high interior walls and ceilings that were painted.