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Case Studies >> Historic DeKalb Courthouse in Decatur, Georgia

Historic DeKalb Courthouse in Decatur, Georgia

Built in the 1890s for the sole purpose of dispensing justice, the Historic DeKalb Courthouse is enjoying a second life sending happy couples off to wedded bliss. Located on the square just minutes away from metro Atlanta, the neoclassical landmark – with its imposing granite exterior, marble walls and terrazzo floors – today is available for weddings, private events, fundraisers and more.

Granted, more than a century of public service had left the courthouse looking a little worn. The building’s interior had suffered water damage, cracked plaster, and dulling of paint, while the exterior showed broken and missing window panes, faded wood doors, and a great deal of peeling and rot.

CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta was tasked with the job of restoring the building’s luster, an opportunity that came about thanks to our experience providing painting services for the Mary Gay House, an 1820s National Historic Landmark that’s also located in Decatur.

The CertaPro team got started on the courthouse interior in January 2018, a three-day job that involved plaster work, substrate repair and painting. The exterior work began in May and lasted two weeks. Tasks included window repairs (reglazing, replacing missing planes) and extensive surface preparation to address rotten wood and peeling paint.

Because the courthouse is host to a constant stream of events, timing was crucial. “Our communications plan was key to the entire process,” say Jeremy Rhett, Owner of CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta. All those comings-and-goings also meant that much of the exterior work had to be done using high ladders – a scissor lift of scaffolding simply would have been too invasive.

The special care proved worth the effort. “The customer seemed very happy with our work,” said Rhett. “They ended up posting reviews on three or four different sites.” And more work at the Historic DeKalb Courthouse is forthcoming. CertaPro Painters® of Atlanta was awarded the next project at the site – repainting the events ballroom – scheduled for January/February of 2019.

Restored Historical Building

Project Photos

Below are photos of the building after the project was completed. Click on an image to zoom in.

Restored Historical Building

Restored Historical Building

Our team took extra care to preserve the historical colors and qualities of the building.

Building Exterior After Project

Building Exterior After Project

The exterior of the building after the project was completed.