The Best Kitchen Color Combos 

Our team at CertaPro Painters® of Athens has completed countless kitchen transformations. When new paint colors become popular, we love to see how homeowners will use them to create their own unique space. Kitchen’s are one of those rooms homeowners tend to get a little more creative and bold with color schemes. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen so it’s important you and your loved ones enjoy the space. Keep reading if you want our opinions on the best kitchen color combos!

  1. Green and white. Green is becoming such a widely used paint color, especially in kitchens. We love the pop of color it adds into a space while not being too overwhelming. You can keep your walls white and use green on the cabinets or vice versa.
  2. Green and navy. For this option we would recommend going with a darker green then we would if it was going to be paired with white. Dark green and navy paint colors bring a very elegant and mysterious vibe to the room.
  3. Blue and cream. Any shade of blue will work in the kitchen but we prefer a lighter shade of blue. Paint your bottom cabinets blue and the top cabinets cream. This two-toned kitchen cabinet trend is going to be incorporated into many homes over the next few year.
  4. Yellow and cream. There is something about a yellow kitchen that brings instant happiness. We would recommend choosing a more muted shade of yellow but not so light that you can barely tell it’s yellow. Yellow kitchen walls look best when paired with cream cabinets.
  5. Black and natural wood. If you have a lot of natural wood accents in your kitchen, consider black cabinets. The contrast is stunning and black is a statement.
  6. Gold and cream. If the walls and cabinets in your kitchen are neutral, consider adding in gold accents. You can do this through the faucets, stove, etc. Gold and cream is elegant and will never go out of style.

If you are ready to get started on a kitchen or kitchen cabinet painting project, contact us today. The first step is to schedule a free, no obligation estimate. We look forward to talking to you soon!