Entryway Inspo

The entryway is a space you should put the time and effort into decorating because it is the first thing that people see once they enter the home and therefore it sets off the tone for the entire house. This space allows you to showcase your style and make sure people feel welcomed. A good tip is to buy items that are simple to swap out or update once a new season begins. Our team at CertaPro Painters® of Athens put together a list of some easy ways you can take your entryway to the next level.Entry Way

Wall Art

This is an easy and effective way to keep up with the seasons. You can easily swap out different wall prints depending what the season. For spring we love the look of bold bright colors and floral prints.


Adding life and color into your home is as easy as adding some greenery. Depending on the space you are working with there are different ways to do this. If you do not have a lot of floor space, you can add in small floating shelves at different levels and then put a plant on each.

Storage Bench

Kill two birds with one stone and opt for décor and storage in one. Storage benches can be very useful, and they also take up space. Obviously, you want to pick one that is aesthetically pleasing and matches the theme of the rest of your home. If you have a storage bench with an opening add in wicker baskets to make things more organized and visually pleasing.

Accent Chair

Place a bold-colored accent chair next to a small table for an instant pop of color and vibrancy.

Throw Pillow

If you already have an accent chair in your entryway you can swap out a decorative pillow. For spring you can add in a pastel or floral one.

Fresh Flowers

This little detail can make all the difference to your space. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh flowers. Adding them in the entryway is the perfect way to bring life and happy vibes into your home.

The most important task to keep up with in your entryway is painting. This is the most seen room in your home so you don’t want dull, chipped or cracked paint. If it’s time for your entryway to be painted, contact us today! You can schedule an estimate online or by calling us at 706-353-3555. We look forward to talking to you soon!