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Deck Staining Services Provided by CertaPro Painters® of Arvada, CO

If you have a deck, fence, patio, or archways around your home, you know that the varying weather elements can take a toll on your wooden surfaces. If you don’t take proper care of them by re-sealing and re-staining at the right times, they can become a costly home maintenance expenditure that can significantly decrease the value of your home. The longer you wait to hire a painting contractor the more expensive this undertaking will become.

The CertaPro Painters® of Arvada, CO residential painting crews have years of experience sealing and staining decks to protect them from all types of weather conditions. Depending on your project, our professional surface prep and deck staining process may include:

deck painting scrape lose paint


To prepare your surface, we will first remove any dirt, gravel, and chipped paint.

Power washing deck before staining

Power Wash

To ensure the surface is ready for stain or paint, we will thoroughly power wash.

Deck sanding service


If necessary, we will sand any areas that are raised or lose to create a smooth surface.

Exterior deck staining service

Paint or Stain

The final step is to apply premium paint or stain to your surface.

Stain Finishes

Transparent or Translucent

this is what most people think of when looking at stained floors or furniture. They can be clear or tinted but will leave the most natural wood grain showing after being applied. These are usually oil-based products that will penetrate deep into wood surfaces and are single coat applications. Wood MUST be bare to use these products in most situations. These are usually the best products to use on new decks or fences. Color choices are limited and changing colors will usually require removal of the previous coating.

translucent wood deck patio arvada co

Semi-Transparent and Semi-Solid

These products are in between transparent and solid (some wood grain will show through). These products are usually water-based and don’t necessarily require the removal of previous coatings to be used. Depending on the desired outcome and product used, a one or two coat application may be necessary. There are numerous color options when using these stains and custom colors can be created as well. Changing colors with these stains usually limit options to similar or darker colors from the current coating. Some situations call for a “wet-on-wet” 2 coat application with these products. This consists of applying a second coat before the first coat is fully dry.

semi translucent wood deck patio


Solid stains have the same appearance as a paint (no visible wood grain). The bonding process for these stains gives much higher durability to walking surfaces than paint. Solid stains are usually water-based and can be applied over previous coatings. Any color can be made with solid stains. Color changes can be done with solid stains and will generally require at least two finish coats depending on colors. Wear and tear will be more visible with solid stains, but touch-ups are fairly easy to perform.


Tips for Maintaining Your Deck in the Arvada

Maintaining a presentable deck takes upkeep and maintenance. There are many things you can do to preserve the lifespan of your deck. Here are some tips for keeping your deck looking nice and pretty:

1. When initially finishing your deck, it is all about performing the proper prep and using quality deck staining products. There are numerous sources and knowledgeable experts out there to help decide the best process for your deck. Using an advanced, water-based, semi-transparent stain cleaner designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity is strongly recommended to maintain your deck.

TIP: Always test any cleaner on a small portion of your deck before cleaning the entire deck and follow manufacturers’ application instructions when using any cleaner.

2. Moisture is a deck’s #1 enemy! Going into winter and coming out, give her a simple wash and make sure any bare spots due to weather and wear & tear are sealed up. This will not only prolong the lifespan of the stain but will protect the wood as well.

3. Be mindful of spills. Remove food, spills and other debris and clean immediately to minimize the possibility of staining. Place grill mats under your grill to protect your deck from grease spills.

maintaining wood deck patio

Porch, Deck & Fence Staining Projects from Our Portfolio

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Door Staining Project

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