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Creating a Farmhouse Feel in Your Arvada Home

Posted on November 2, 2020

Whether you’re accentuating your home’s rustic surroundings, or bringing some farm feel to your urban house, there are a multitude of ways to bring a farmhouse feel to any home. If you’re intrigued by the idea of giving your home this cozy and comforting style, here are a few ideas.

Ceiling Beams

Farmhouse exposed beams

Wooden ceiling beams can be a magnificent accent for just about any home, particularly ones with open floor plans. Paired with white or neutral wall colors, they can add that desired element of coziness of a farmhouse.

Mismatched Mirrors

A few antique mismatched mirrors on a neutral wall can act as a focal point for the room. Additionally, they can create the effect that you are standing in a more spacious room by refracting light in several key areas.

Sliding Barn Door

Farmhouse style sliding barn door

While not essential for farmhouse decor, a sliding barn door is a dead giveaway for this kind of style. These will not only evoke the look you’re going for, but can also be functional door options for problematic, awkward, or tight spaces.

Wood Panels

Another way to evoke the cozy and country feel of a farm house is with wood paneling. Whether left untreated or stained for longer lasting quality, a wooden wall can be another easy way to accent your decor.

Stone Mantel

Farmhouse style stone mantel

For many civilizations and generations, the hearth has been a central piece of the home. A fireplace will bring actual warmth to your home, but a stone mantel can further bring about the comfort you desire in a farmhouse design.


Whether as decorative accent pieces or as sconces for your lighting, lanterns can be another excellent piece to add to the overall feel of warmth, both literally and figuratively.

Organic Materials

Aside from wood, you can also maintain a connection to the outdoors with wicker or rattan furniture, and even sisal rugs. These can be both decorative and functional, without being too overwhelming in a simple design.

Wrought Iron Accents

Farmhouse style wrought iron accents

Nothing says casual charm like vintage iron. You can implement this simple yet elegant metal just about anywhere, including lighting sconces, railing, or even shelving brackets.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Many farmhouse kitchens embrace a bright and airy kitchen complete with white cabinets. Our painting team in Arvada can refinish your cabinets with new paint or stain. Investing in a cabinet painting service is an affordable way to give your cooking space a modern farmhouse feel. Reach out to our team today to get started on your next cabinet painting project.

Whether your transforming the feel of your home or just looking to renew the luster of your current design, CertaPro Painters of Arvada is here to help. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.