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Commercial Painting Project in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

What used to be the old Walgreens in Wheat Ridge, Colorado has been renovated and refurbished to act as the local blood bank. The building was in sad shape after being left uninhabited for some time. The facade of the building was mostly stucco with some architectural trim work around the top. Our crew sprayed and repaired issues with the stucco and proceeded to back roll the exterior. The color scheme was updated to allow better longevity and stylish looks while enhancing the look of the natural colors in bricks around the lower half of the building.

We are SO GLAD we went with Certa Pro Painters of Arvada. Bob and his entire team were courteous, helpful, clean, and communicative. I can't say enough good things about this operation. And most importantly, the exterior of our house looks GREAT. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

- Amy D.

Amy D.

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The CertaPro Painters team from Arvada is well versed in stucco work. They were able to identify and repair issues within the substrate of the building. They expertly put the repairs in place and allowed the property sufficient dry time to ensure good adhesion from the paint. This makes repairs completely invisible to the naked eye.

The building had a large footprint with high ceilings. Our crew brought in specialized ladders and hydraulic lifts to safely reach all areas for work. They used rollers to give new life to the stucco and leave a slight texture behind. The project was completed on time and within the set budget.


As an older building, this property was in fairly good condition. The CertaPro team repaired numerous but superficial stucco cracks before completely updating the color scheme to a more contemporary option.


  • Full exterior repaint.


Started: April 2018
Duration: 2 weeks


While the exterior facade of the building was in good shape, it was in need of a significant amount of small stucco repairs. A new color palette was utilized to create an appealing and easy to maintain building.

Exterior Walgreens Building Before Photo

Exterior Walgreens Building Before Photo

The exterior building was in rather good shape and light stucco repairs were needed.

The Entire Exterior Needed a Color Scheme Update

The Entire Exterior Needed a Color Scheme Update

The whole exterior of the building also needed a a color scheme update.

In Progress

CertaPro Painters of Arvada sent several crew members that specialized in stucco repairs to complete the necessary prep work. Once the masonry repairs were dried, the crew took to painting new colors on. A contemporary chocolate brown and dark gray were chosen to complement the architecture, which included a natural brick element.

Professional Work at Hand

Professional Work at Hand

Extra hands were needed to complete this project on time.

Paint Appliction

Paint Appliction

Standard ladders were needed for this project.


Updates and repairs along the top half of the building are now invisible. The naturally driven colors pair perfectly with the brick. Using the dark gray to set off the architectural elements on the top had spectacular results. The exterior of the building looks brand new!

Brand New Paint Applied

Brand New Paint Applied

Updated paint scheme was completed on the entire building.

Final Result

Final Result

Light stucco repair was serviced.