Paint First, Spring To Do List From Local Arlington, VA Painters

Spring is just around the corner and homeowners are looking toward gardening and grilling this summer. With the warmer afternoon air, it might be tempting to get some mulch and planters and get started sprucing up your outdoors. But that could set you back on other summer projects. We have talked to our experts Arlington, VA painters and put together your spring checklist. They all agreed, paint first when it comes to your spring to do list.

Begin with Painting Project

Exterior house painting by CertaPro painters in Arlington, VAAnytime you are tempted to procrastinate in painting, remember, it will cost you more. Once paint failure starts, it will never get better. You could be allowing rot, mold and water intrusion to damage your house’s substrate. Don’t allow the elements in. Your first item on the to do list this spring should be a full inspection of paint on the outside of your home.




Paint First, Then Garden

painting sidingYou are sure to put a lot of work into any garden projects you take on. Before you spruce up the foliage, accomplish any painting that needs to be done. Overspray is a real problem and can often not be avoided. Your beautiful beds and terrific trees could be covered in paint that at minimum makes them look unappealing, and at most harms or kills the plants.



Weather Considerations

Damaged stucco repairDespite the popularity of summer for painting projects, spring and fall actually offer better conditions when it comes to the weather. Temperatures are moderate enough to allow for durable paint finishes and precipitation is less, making the job take less time. Moisture in the morning and dew overnight are less, creating a perfect drying environment.

Excess of any weather element will hinder your paint job. Spring has moderate sun, wind, rain and humidity. Ideally, the painters will be able to finish the project quickly with few breaks to avoid heat related illness. Watch weather forecasts and your pros will be able to get the job done quickly.

Maximize Curb Appeal

curb appealRealtors very often suggest homeowners considering an upcoming sale paint the exterior of their house first. Peeling and dingy paint sends the message to potential buyers that your home is not cared for. A high-quality paint job is sure to bring more to the closing table than the cost of the job. As a measurement, under normal circumstances, an exterior paint job can last up to 10 years before it begins to fail.



Contact Our Experts

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