How to Properly Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Get a new looking home by adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. Not only will you be the envy of the block with great curb appeal, you’ll also be sealing out the elements for the upcoming winter season. Here’s how to properly paint your home’s exterior.


Dust, dirt and grime can all add up on the walls of your home. The quickest way to remove the grime is with a pressure washer. Be careful with the level of pressure you use in combination with the exterior material of your house. Wooden siding or cedar shingles can suffer divots from too much pressure.

For the best cleaning outcome, work your way from top to bottom of the walls in smooth strokes, overlapping each by about 8 inches.


After the house is cleaned, walk around the entire perimeter and look for damage in the wood, masonry, metal, stucco or siding. Use an epoxy filler to fill holes or cracks with a spackle knife. Allow the repairs time to dry, then sand using a medium-grit sanding block.

Loose Paint

For proper adhesion, you’ll need to remove any cracking or loose paint. Use drop cloths on the ground to catch the debris. With a paint scraper, take the paint off. Follow up with a medium-grit sanding block.


While you are inspecting your house, look for gaps around the trim, doors and windows. They will need to be filled with an exterior, paintable caulk. It’s also a good idea to caulk areas where differing materials meet.


For areas you have repaired, in addition to any visible stains, you may want to add a layer of stain-blocking primer. Brush it on and allow it to dry fully before moving on.


Use plastic sheeting and painter’s tape to cover doors, windows, lighting and plants you don’t want to get paint on.


Most painters will choose to paint via a sprayer. Apply a couple of coats of flat or eggshell exterior paint. Move in a smooth manner, top to bottom, and overlapping each stroke by 8 inches.

Trim and Doors

After the paint has dried, remove the plastic and tape from your trim. It’s best to use a semi gloss paint on trim. Apply two coats with a paint brush and allow plenty of drying time. Remove the drop cloths.

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