How to Hire a Painter

Painting your home, whether interior or exterior, is a big job. Professionals are happy to help with the massive undertaking. Hiring a pro can be just as intimidating. Bringing in a professional painter will ensure you end up with a high-quality job you are happy with. What should you know going in? Here’s how to hire a painter.

Find Pros

Start by asking family and friends for recommendations on painters they have used. That’s the best recommendation you can get – from personal experience. Never talk to just one contractor; talk to at least three. They will most likely want to meet at your home to give you estimates and go over the job. This meeting is an inconvenience, but means you won’t be hit with surprise charges for repairs or unexpected work.

Ask Questions

Make sure you are confident that your questions are answered at the estimate appointment. Ask about licensing, insurance, timeline, crew sizes and anything else you want to know about. Since preparation is key to a great paint job, ask who will be doing the prep work. Will the crew be moving furniture, taping, repairing and priming?


A written estimate should always be provided to you at your appointment or shortly after. It should include a breakdown of costs for labor and supplies. It should also detail out the work to be completed with information on repairs and preparation, as well as warranty information should the job break down.


Always inquire with any worker in your home about their credentials. A professional painter should be able to provide you licensing, workman’s comp and liability insurance in accordance with the laws of your area. In particular, it’s important to request workman’s comp information to protect everyone working in your home. This will take care of any issues of injury incurred in your home. Check online reviews and with the Better Business Bureau for good standing.


It’s important to gain a contract signed by the contractor and yourself. It should lay out the contact information for both parties, the painter’s license number, details from the estimate and exactly what’s included and not included in the job.


Professional painters will normally offer a promise to fix any chipping, peeling, blistering, flaking, fading or chalking within the first two years of the job. Remember, this is under good conditions and proper use. If you pressure was the paint off the house, that could be on you, even within the time frame.


Big projects like a house painting are not something you should do on a whim. Consider the options, costs and outcome. Painting your home is not a good idea under duress, like an impending sale. Take on the task when you have time to meet with pros and consider options.


Finally, do NOT give a full payment, ever, under any circumstances. Unscrupulous painters are out there and can take your payment and disappear. It is customary for a reputable company to ask for a portion of the payment up front. This gives them revenue to hold dates, hire crews and get supplies. Typically, the final payment is made after the job is completed.

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