Cheap Home Improvement Projects

Do you want to make some updates to your home but don’t feel like spending tons of money to do it? There are plenty of ways to make updates to your home without spending tons of money. Keep reading to find out our favorite cheap  home improvement projects if you are on a budget.

Deep Clean – First and foremost, you want to deep clean your house. From the carpets to the walls to those nooks and crannies you usually pass over when cleaning. It can potentially cost you nothing and it makes such a huge difference.

Wall Decals – These work great in kids’ rooms or play rooms. They are an easy and fun way to spice up the area. There are so many different options to choose from so it won’t clash with the theme that’s already established in the room.

Lighting – This is such an easy way to make an update in your home. The lighting can have such a huge effect on the overall atmosphere of any room. Try switching out the lightbulbs you have for energy efficient ones (if they’re not already.) Try warmer light in relaxing areas such as the living room or you can install dimmers.

Light Fixtures – After you changed the lightbulbs, consider adding new light fixtures. A statement light fixture can change the overall feel of any room.

Repurpose Old Furniture– If you have old furniture that had just been sitting in storage, it’s time to get creative. There are so many different ways you can utilize furniture that you might not think of at first. Get inspiration from the internet or Pinterest and start figuring out how you can repurpose your old furniture.

Landscape – You can hire a professional to do this but it’s obviously cheaper if you do it yourself. Getting rid of any weeds and planting a beautiful garden can be such a beautiful add on to your house. You will have to pay initially for the supplies but after that, the maintenance is fairly low cost.

After you have completed these easy home improvement projects and feel you are ready to take on some larger home renovations, call in the pro’s if you need help! Schedule a free estimate with us, we’d be happy to be a part of your spring home renovations.