Staircase Restoration for Homes in Anaheim & Yorba Linda

Staircase Restoration & Painting

Staircases are often a main focal point on the interior of 2 story homes. Our service area of Anaheim and Yorba Linda has many homes with staircases built with high quality materials and woodworking that have been worn down over time to wear and tear. It’s often more affordable and in the homeowners best interest to restore these types of stairs rather than replace the boards and banisters.

Stairway restoration projects can be involved depending on the type of woodwork and materials the stairs are built from. Sometimes sections of wood need replacement, matching decorative carpentry work may be needed to keep the overall design of banisters uniform. If you intend to restore stairs as a DIY project, make sure you understand the scope of your project and what tools and materials will be needed, its often more involved that meets the eye.

Staircase Restoration Process

The exact steps for a project will vary depending on how your stairs are built and the scope of repairs that need to be done, however the below is a good rough idea for what to expect with staircase projects.

  • Remove any old nails or protrusions from the stairs, trim work may also need to be removed
  • Rebuild broken stairs or landing areas
  • Sand all wood surfaces, multiple sanding’s with increasing sandpaper grid is recommended.
  • Vacuum away dust from sanding
  • Use a block sander or sand by hand for hard to reach corners and banisters
  • Fill holes or imperfections with wood filler
  • Reinstall or replace the previously removed trim work
  • Wipe down surfaces with a rag and paint thinner
  • Caulk areas of trim where needed
  • If painting, prime surfaces to be painted
  • Paint two coats of paint

Examples of Projects We Completed

Below are a few examples of staircase painting and staining projects we completed in the greater Anaheim, CA area. If you would like to get a free quote for a staircase restoration project, contact us to set up a free estimate online.

staircase transformation project

House Painters of Tustin, CA

updated staircase orange ca