Staining vs Painting | Pros & Cons of Each

Staining vs Painting | What’s the difference?

We offer both painting and staining services, and while the application process may be similar, the two types of coats are different in both how the perform and the aesthetic they give.

Painting is a coat that rests on the top of the wood and is a ‘semi-permanent’ finish. This means that painted surfaces often need to be scraped or sanded to be removed.

Staining penetrates the wood, and does not just rest on top of the surface like paints do. Stain keeps the natural look of the wood while protecting it with water resistant qualities. Stain will wear away slowly over time and need to periodically re-coated.

Staining products tend to be lower priced than paints with prices in the $20-35 range per gallon in most cases. Paints can be as much as double that range. Stains also do not require any primer, which is another product that does not need to be purchased for the project.

Stains offer a natural look and a lower-budget requirement for products. Paints offer a longer lasting result with more options and variety for color. In most cases our customers know weather that want to stain or paint for their project.


Types of staining projects in our service area:

We offer painting services to the greater Anaheim, CA service area. Here there are a few common types of staining projects we are hired to help with. Generally these are either for decks, fences, garage doors, or front doors of homes.

fence staining in yorba linda
This customer in Yorba Linda hired us to help with a fence staining project.

man working on staining a front door. Stained front door in Anaheim, CA