Interior Office Painting Projects Tips & Common Questions

branded office
We can help match brand colors for unique office interiors, ask us at your estimate appointment for more information.

Keeping your business updated and appealing to both customers and employees is an important part of maintaining an office. Run down interior walls will give customers a bad first impression and can make your employees question the health of the company. A clean, modern, and well maintained workspace shows your company takes pride in the building and office environment. We offer specialized office painting services for businesses in the Orange County, Anaheim, and Yorba Linda service areas.

Winter of 2020 is actually an excellent time for interior office painting projects With many companies having workers work from home , its also the off-season for painting companies which means open and available scheduling options.. We have crews dedicated to commercial projects, these team members understand the nuance of getting projects done on an operating business facility. There are a few common concerns around interior office painting projects:

Will the Air Quality In a Freshly Painted Office Be a Problem?

Painters can utilize low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint to reduce or remove smells from the area. Evening and overnight painting can be done with no lingering odors into the next day. Your employees will not be disturbed with smells during their work days, minimizing your time out of work.

Will the painting crew interfere with the day to day operations?

We will work with you to find a painting schedule that has minimal impact on the business operations. This may include having the painters work on nights and weekends, or coordinating with sections of the building to keep your operation running smoothly while the project gets completed. In most cases, your employees can keep their schedules and the office can run normally while the painters work.

Winter Schedules

Because winter is considered off season for painting, taking advantage of the seasonality of this work, your project can get done faster and possibly cheaper. Commercial painting companies use this season to take on projects that involve interior painting since the ambient temperatures outside make painting outside not possible. Some will even offer discounts or added services to keep their crews busy while the weather is uncooperative.

Another scheduling benefit is ease of appointments. Since this season is not traditionally known for painting jobs, there are many more appointments available. In the winter months you can move from estimate to completed project much faster than spring and summer months. Its a great time to get your office painted, give us a call or request a free estimate appointment with our team to get started.