How To Hire A Commercial Painter: Your Checklist

retail building painted anaheim caWhen we talk with commercial property managers in our service area, its common for them the have some confusion around how to choose the best painter for a project. Maintenance projects like painting and repairs may not be in the wheelhouse of the decision maker. Below is a good guide on how to research and choose the right painting company for your project.

Start with internet research. Search for a local painter that presents themselves well and has detailed information about commercial painting projects. After findings a few set up an estimate appointment with the top rated local painters. Be sure to check out our commercial painting section to see what we have to offer.

During the estimate appointment, here are a few questions you should ask:

Do they have a portfolio of jobs?

Pictures of commercial projects should help with understanding the scope and types of work the painter has experience with. Look for buildings similar to  yours and see how those projects came out. Chances are, a few buildings in the portfolio may even be near yours, and worth a drive by to see how the paint is holding up since the portfolio pictures were taken.  Keep an eye out for clean edges where colors meet, and areas where detail work would be needed.

What products do they use?

There are many high quality paint brands, but you will want to verify what type of paint will be used for your project. Professional painters will have favorites and often will be able to make a good case for why they choose the products they do. Keep in mind product warranties, some are better than others. Your painters should be ready to share what their favorite painting products are and why.

Is the scope of work well-defined?

Most commercial projects involve a bidding process.  Make sure your proposal goes into detail to make sure all aspects of the project are well outlined and defined. Below are a few items to look for.

Building(s) information, like exterior and surfaces to be painted or excluded from the scope
Priming, caulking and sanding
Repairs to be made
Number of coats of paint
Products to be used
Crew size, start and time expected to finish the job

Can you be provided references?

Professional and quality painters will have a plethora of references they are happy to provide you with. Use these in addition to online reviews. If you choose to call references, ask them questions like:

Professional painting companies should be able to provide many references for buildings similar to yours. In addition to checking online reviews its a good idea to ask for references and follow up on them with the following questions.

What kind of work did the painter provide? When was it done?
Was the project completed on time and on budget?
What did you like best about working with the company?
How were their communication skills?
Would you hire this contractor again?
Do you feel comfortable working with the company?

Most commercial projects run on multiple day project timelines and can impact the operations of your business. Make sure you are comfortable with the project plan, when the painters will be working, and how it may impact the operations of your commercial property.

Do you feel comfortable with the scope of the project and the process they propose?
Are getting good value for the budget?
Can you easily communicate with the contractor?
How easily can you reach the contractor when you call/text/email?
When you assess each contractor against this checklist, you should be able to determine the one that stands out from the others.

If you are just beginning your search for a provider, CertaPro Painters would love to be considered. Schedule an appointment with our commercial painter specialists and get a free estimate today.