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Godfathers Pizza is a popular place for lunch and dinner for many of the Troutdale, Oregon locals. The interior had quite a bit of mahogany stained wainscoting and trim that had seen a lot of wear and tear. We had worked with this owner before and knew the difficulties of not interfering with business. Because the owner was also replacing carpet he decided to close his business from Monday to Friday afternoon. What easily could have taken us a week we needed to finish in 3 days. We sanded, and in some cases stripped off the old stain and re-stained the wood to match perfectly what was there. Then we put a protective coating of urethane over the stain. We patched and painted some of the walls and one ceiling. When all was done we had helped create an inviting environment for pizza lovers.

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Refinishing stained wood is a challenge that takes expertise. Our painters needed to be able to sand so as to remove stain, but not damage the wood. Applying the stain evenly and the protective topcoat so there were no bubbles was not a job for an amateur. One initial challenge that caused us some concerns was matching the color. Fortunately, with the help of a determined painter and Sherwin Williams we were able to come up with a perfect match.

Care was taken to protect the kitchen, and walls from the urethane, and stain. This was accomplished with extensive and careful use of plastic and tape.

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