What Does The Color Of Your Home Reveal About You?

The color of a house can have a wide curb appeal, personality trend. Rarely the colors all intersect together. Ply Gem Building Products found that half of homeowners say their home’s exterior reflects their personality. This is shocking since 81% of Americans say the color of a house shapes their ideas of the homeowner. With that in mind, what does the color of your home reveal about you?

Cool, calm, collected

From the aforementioned study, 55% of people believe that the color blue has a positive impact on moods. It is synonymous with blue skies and peaceful seas. Those inside the house are believed to be calm and serene. Show a traditional side with white trim, or be more out there with orange or red.

Safe, Dependable

Many homes end up in neutrals as part of a sales technique realtors suggest. The color appeals to a wide range of potential buyers, who often don’t update the exterior paint after closing. It’s said that 53% of Americans choose these colors consisting of beige, white or gray. You don’t have to choose between trendy and neutral. In recent years, gray has become both. The color is versatile enough to work with almost any pairing of trim colors.

Confident, Brave

Sure, you have to be a little brave to choose a bold and dramatic color for your home. More than half of people believe that bold homes have bold personalities living inside of them. The set back to choosing these colors is that the sun can cause a significant amount of leaching within the color. New innovations in vinyl siding like SolarDefense make the siding able to stand up to the UV rays. Choose from their offerings of deep reds, dark greens and vivid browns.

Ready for a change?

Choosing a color that not only must look good on your home, but also reflect your personality is daunting to say the least. There are any number of free, online and app-based color visualizers available. These will allow you to try colors on your home virtually without committing to the paint.


If you’re ready for a color change, you could be leaning toward more vibrant hues. Remember that maintenance can be a bit of a task to keep these colors looking good. You’d be in good company with 78% of homeowners considering maintenance costs before finalizing their color choices. Siding, painting and staining are all available in a wide range of colors, with some needing more upkeep than others.

Is it time to make a change?

Nearly 40% of homeowners say they didn’t choose the color on the exterior of their house. If you’re part of that group, or if you don’t know when the last time the paint was updated was, consider a renovation. This could give you the opportunity to show off your personality outside of your home. In addition, you could up your curb appeal and home value.

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