Professional Painters: Reasons for Interior Painting this Winter

Winter is not thought of as a season for renovations, but there are some compelling reasons to consider a project. You’re cooped up inside compliments of cooler weather and snow, so why not decorate those walls! Our professional painters say it’s time! Here are 4 reasons to opt for interior painting this winter.

Morning Light

Early light means well lit early work. Get moving with the sun and take advantage of the light in the room. Snow perfectly reflects the light into your room, showing holidays and imperfections in your work. That means you can fix it before you close the paint. Also, if you are working on your own, the early light allows you to potentially get the job completed in one day, before the sun sets.

Dry Times

ceiling painting

It’s no secret moisture is the enemy of paint. Dry, cooler air of winter creates perfect conditions for efficient drying. Opening a window can work twofold for you. It allows cool breezes to whisk away smells and lingering odors. Secondly, the breeze will dry your walls without creating bubbles or other issues. Professional painters suggest turning off the HVAC system in the house while you work. Sure, the house will cool off, but it will keep the odors from being blown throughout the house. Once you’ve finished work for the day, turn it back on.


Painting is a supply and demand service, and much like others, there is an off season. Winter is non-traditional for painting your home, so you’ll find that it’s easier to get an appointment that works for you. Also, less jobs are vying for production time. This means your work will be completed more quickly.

Lower Costs

Going hand in hand with easier availability, you could also find that painting companies are offering discounts or additional services to win your job. To keep crews busy, companies will make these offers in order to drum up work. You’ll still end up with the professional results.


Chances are that over this holiday season you’ll be hosting guests at your house. Take advantage of the short lead times and get your interior updated before the big party. This allows your decorations to take center stage, rather than dingy walls.

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