Interior House Painters with Ideas to Impress Holiday Guests

With fall coming in, there is no denying that the holidays will be heading our way soon too. If you are the host for family and friends this year, it’s time to get your home in order. A fresh coat of paint can set the stage for holiday decor. Our interior house painters give you ideas to impress holiday guests.


Set the tone for your whole home with a fresh new entry way. This is the first stop your guests will make as you take coats for hanging. An impressive and clean foyer is the perfect backdrop for holiday decorations to take center stage.

Our interior house painters suggest that you choose a neutral color for your foyer. It’s an area of your home that is more than likely within eye line sight from other rooms. A neutral color pairs well from any room. There have been brave homeowners that successfully paint their entry ways in deep versions of red and green. It’s important that these colors will work in your home after the holidays have gone.


One room your guests will be is the bathroom. Focus your efforts on the bathroom that will get the most use; either the closest to the family areas or guest bath if you are hosting overnight family and friends. A crisp new paint can make all of the difference. Because bathrooms are smaller in terms of walls to paint, this is an easy afternoon project you could take on yourself.

This is also a good room to be bold with more color. Try a spa-like blue, cheery pink or soft gold for a change of feeling. While white is clean and crisp, you may want to give the room more style with color options.


Even the most comfortable of living areas will be overthrown for the kitchen when it comes to holiday get togethers. Your guests will inevitably infiltrate your kitchen to enjoy the smells and preparation of meals. Get your hearth ready to host with some new paint.

Grease splatters and spaghetti sauce stains can be easily taken care of with a new coating. When it comes to kitchen paint, more important than the color is the finish. Choose a semi-gloss or glossy finish. It will protect the paint film and allow you the ability to scrub messy from walls. Your paint will be able to stand up to the holidays, and months beyond.

Are you ready to set your house up to impress family and friends this holiday season? Contact us to discuss your interior painting ideas. Schedule your free, in-home estimate now.