How Often Do I Need to Paint My Home?

It’s a big task, and not one any homeowner wants to undertake too often. It’s a question that crosses every homeowner’s mind: how often do I need to paint my home?

Paint is the first defense against the elements; and the first impression guests and potential buyers receive when viewing your home. While the general guideline for painting the exterior of your home or business is every 5-10 years, there are many variables, such as climate, exposure to sun, rainy weather and the previous paint job. A home left unpainted for too long can lead to expensive repairs for your most valuable asset.

Some signs that it is time to repaint are: hardened caulk, faded color, chipping, flaking or peeling, and chalking.

Hardened caulk no longer has the capacity to stretch as the siding boards contract and expand with temperature change. This leaves siding and/or trim exposed to the elements.

Faded paint could be caused by direct sunlight, poor paint quality, chalking, or too much time has lapsed since it was last painted.  Deep colors tend to fade faster, and a flat sheen absorbs light more easily, which increases fading.

Remember, paint is the barrier between your siding and the elements.  If the paint breaks down, it leaves your siding unprotected.

Painting with high quality paint will not only improve the look of your home; but will also increase protection.

If you are starting to see the paint flaking, bubbling or cracking, it’s time to move quickly to get your home painted.  These may be signs of dry rot or mold caused by failed weatherproofing.  Both dry rot and mold can spread, so the sooner the siding is repaired and repainted the better chance there is of preserving your investment.

If your house has only been painted once – when it was brand new – it’s overdue. Understand that new home contractors often cut corners on paint work.  Common shortcuts include improper preparation, too few layers, or painting when the weather is cold or wet.

If you’re thinking ‘paint my home’, it might be time. We can help provide the best options for your home or business.