5 Fence Colors to Refresh your Curb Appeal

Your fence is a major architectural element taken into consideration for curb appeal. Don’t let it fall into disrepair. Add some color and style to give your home a new pop of life this spring. Here are 5 fence colors to refresh your curb appeal.

Many homeowners set out to blend their fence into the landscape and property. Rather, make it a style choice for your home. Always test colors before committing to a full fence painting. Use pieces of fence to test the color against plants and house colors. With this test, you can feel confident in changing the whole color over.

Before you set out with a fence color in mind, take a look at your current exterior color palette and other colorful elements in your yard. If you already have several colors on your house, driveway and roof, plus some additional flowers, you might want to tone down your fence. More likely, you’re working within a neutral palette. This allows you to add a personality to your fence. Here are the most popular colors for fences this year.


Sure, it sounds intense, but a black fence reads to the eye as a neutral. Black is a good idea for metal or modern fences and properties. While working with any palette and reading neutral, black adds an edgy feel to the property. It allows the colors of your house and foliage to pop against it.


Blue has made a comeback in fences this year. The color works particularly well if you are working with a neutral house and landscape. Soft colors like gray, white and beige need some contrast to avoid blending in completely. Adding a blue fence does just the trick. Our pros are seeing everything from pale dusty blue to royal bright blue and all the colors between.


Gray is seeing a resurgence in all areas of home painting. As a fence color it’s versatile enough to pair with almost any color home. It also brings the edge of black and classic of white and works on metal or wooden fences. Working with gray means you can either use a paint or a gray stain to get the feeling of sturdiness from your fence.

Wood Stain

To continue allowing the natural beauty of a wooden fence to show through, choose a natural colored wood stain. They come in a variety of colors from barely there clear to nearly black brown. This is a good option for a rustic looking fence that needs protection from the elements. Consider a stain for an unfinished and unfussy look.


White is a classic for a reason. When working with more traditional style homes and fences, white provides a pristine picket fence feel. It’s easy to work with for color palettes, but can require quite a bit of upkeep. Keeping a white fence white isn’t so easy! It’s ideal for gardens and trees of bright colored flowers and leaves, since it lets them take center stage.

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