4 Ideas for Your Office, from Our Home Office Painter Experts

Your home office is a bit of an oxymoron. It’s a place of work inside your place of rest. This means the space needs to work for you and enhance productivity. Think outside the box with these ideas from our home office painter experts. Here are 4 painting ideas for your home office.

Accent Wall

One way to get the most impact from your office is by adding an accent wall. Whether you choose a bold color or pattern, or a relaxed and conservative color. Choose the wall that will be the focal point of the room.

If a plain paint color isn’t enough of a statement for you, consider adding a decal of a meaningful quote to it. Other home owners have chosen to add large maps or patterns to their accent wall. This makes a truly beautiful statement and gives you a great style in the room.


Ombre is taking over everything from clothes to hair. Therefore, take on the technique in your office and create a dark to light look. By painting ombre in a horizontal fashion with light at the top, you’ll give a faux vaulted ceiling by drawing eyes upward. Get creative with the color scheme you choose. There have been very successful ombre walls painted in different colors, and directions.

Color Washing

Get a new feel in your room with a technique called color washing. This is a warm textured look that blends two colors together. Make sure your base and wash color are at least two to four shades apart from each other on the color wheel. Muted colors will give you a better finished product than primary or very vivid colors. The result is a custom paint job with a textured, vintage look.

Writable Paint

Take your walls to a truly interactive state by putting up a writable wall paint. This allows you to clear the clutter of sticky notes on your desk and also write your lists directly on your wall. Manufacturers are producing great options in both whiteboard and chalkboard paint, depending on your preferred medium.

If you’re ready to renovate your office, our home office painter crews are ready to help. Schedule a free, in-home estimate appointment to get started.