5 Star Painting Service

You need a painting company that delivers. CertaPro Painters of Willamette does.

  1. Quality Control
  2. Supervision & Inspection
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. The Color of Certainty®
  5. Communication is Our Priority

1. Quality Control

Our painting services include the following:

  • Copy of work specification onsite at all times
  • Trained & experienced staff
  • Top-of-the-line products from premier manufacturers
  • Protection of property
  • Systematic approach to project structure
    • Break down into smaller blocks
    • Organized team with a leader
    • Complete, inspect, & sign-off blocks of work
  • Ongoing and final inspections
  • A two-year written guarantee

2. Supervision & Inspections

  • Project manager on site at all times
    • Immediate point of contact
    • Provides supervision and project management throughout
  • Ongoing inspections
    • At specific stages, especially at completion of preparation stage
  • Final inspection
    • When block of work completed
    • “Punch-list” prepared and promptly completed

3. Competitive pricing

  • National accounts with premier manufacturers gives CertaPro painters excellent material pricing
  • Proven production methods with an emphasis on organized, professional, and reliable service
  • Detailed written contract so that you and your client know exactly what is being paid for
  • A quality job that lasts longer and cuts down on the repaint cycle, giving long-term savings

4. The Color of Certainty®

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we want you to be certain of the following:

  • We answer to your unique needs
  • That we work efficiently to meet deadlines
  • The process is under control
  • That we do quality work, safely

5. Communication is Our Priority

Above all, communication is our priority, because when you need problems solved, you need a person and you need answers.