Ask The Painter: Q/A with Owner Mike Staple

Cassie Y. “We need to get our house painted. What should we expect from our estimate appointment?”

Mike- This is a great question, and it is critical to the result of your painting experience.

We have all heard the stories of bad contractor experiences and you can see most of the bad experiences coming your way during the estimate process. Here are some general questions you will want the answers to-

Is the painter experienced? Has he and his team done similar projects in the past? Is he insured? Does he have the right people to do the job? Does he paint to meet the standards set by the Painting and Decoration Contractors of America?

What happens when the estimates you get on your project vary greatly?
Many contractors do estimates by doing a quick walk around and send over the estimate once they have it prepared. Other estimators will provide an estimate with limited details. Others may decide that they project is not for them and so forth.

A professional painting company will provide you with an estimate that provides you with all the information you require to make an informed decision as well as removing the stress from the entire painting process.

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How do I and my team do your estimate?

  • We arrive on time for your estimate. We do not schedule estimates with windows of when we are going to arrive. If your appointment is at 10 AM, we will be arriving at 10 AM.
  • We will take measurements and document any repairs and special requirements of your project.
  • Once we have the details of your project, we will develop a detailed proposal and present it to you before the end of your appointment
  • We will discuss the options that CertaPro recommends for your project. We will also take the time to make sure that all your questions are answered and that you are comfortable with our recommendations.
  • We will explain the job in detail, and we will provide a legally binding warranty part of our contract with you.
  • We will play with your pets; sorry all our staff here at CertaPro of West Houston love animals.

We will not:

  • Make you chase us for your estimate!
  • We will not give you an estimate that is too generic for you to clearly understand what you are getting for your money.
  • We will not surprise you with added costs
  • Make you chase us for proof of insurance or provide you with painters that are not insured.
  • Not necessarily be the lowest price, our goal is to provide you with a great experience and that does cost a bit more.
  • Pick colors for you! We can help make your choices, but color is personal.

At the end of the day your painting experience should be personal no matter what contractor you chose they should be one that you are comfortable with and one that puts your needs first.

Please feel free to reach out to my team and I for any questions you may have.

Phone: 281-829-7433

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