23 February 2020

Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2020

In the past, the kitchen was only known to be the place where meals were made and the dishes were done. In today’s world, the kitchen is a place for gathering. It is the space where a lot of our time is spent and a lot of our conversations with loved ones take place. WithRead the full article

22 January 2020

Best Eco-Friendly Paints for a Nontoxic Home

We all want a happy and healthy home for ourselves and our loved ones. Some house paint can be very toxic and cause damage to our health. Some contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are are considered a health risk. However, there is no need to worry about toxic house paint anymore! Many paint companiesRead the full article

22 December 2019

How to Clean Painted Walls

Everything is going along fine and then you see it – the scuff or mark on your wall. While it’s inevitable, it doesn’t make you happy. Not every mark requires a full wall painting. Still, there is a protocol to follow so as to not damage the paint. Here’s what our pros suggest to cleanRead the full article

21 October 2019

How Often Should You Repaint the Exterior of your Home?

Every home is unique so you will need to assess your specific house to make an accurate decision. However, there are some standard questions to ask yourself when deciding if it’s time to give the exterior of your home a painting refresh! 1. What is the exterior of your home made from? Is your houseRead the full article

20 September 2019

11 Ceiling Painting Tips

Potentially one of the most difficult areas in your home is the ceiling. We talked to our professional painters to get tips on completing the project with ease. Here are 11 ceiling painting tips recommend by the pros. 1. Use a Stain-Blocking Primer to Cover Flaws Leaks, smoke and spills can all cause stains onRead the full article

27 August 2019

Ask The Painter: Q/A with Owner Mike Staple

Cassie Y. “We need to get our house painted. What should we expect from our estimate appointment?” Mike- This is a great question, and it is critical to the result of your painting experience. We have all heard the stories of bad contractor experiences and you can see most of the bad experiences coming yourRead the full article

18 January 2019

5 Easy Paint Projects That Will Make Your Home Look Luxurious

A few small painting projects are all it takes to give your home a complete refresh A home makeover doesn’t have to be all or nothing A few small-scale painting projects can give your space a whole new look Something as simple as painting the interior doors or trim can have a dramatic effect TheyRead the full article

11 December 2018

Is Your Kitchen Ready For Holiday Entertaining?

When you imagine the holidays, you might picture a cozy family gathering around the dining room table, smiling as they glow in warm candlelight. To be sure, the dining room is often where meals are served. But every year, where do your friends and family actually end up congregating the most? It’s… the kitchen! ForRead the full article

17 September 2018

Why Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Should Include Exterior Painting

Fall is just around the corner, and that means the dash to complete those projects that improve your curb appeal, boost your home’s value, and (most importantly) protect your property all winter long, is in its last leg. You might be reluctant to invest in a new project with the cold weather fast approaching, butRead the full article