Kohls Interior Action Walls Project

Khols action wall painting projectThe Project

This project took place inside a Kohls Department Stores, where we painted the Interior Action Walls (someone running with a Nike logo on the wall) in the Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s section of the store.

Our crew had to remove Old Action Walls, similar to wallpaper removal, skim, sand, prime, and paint walls preparing the for New Action to be installed. We also were responsible for assembling and installing shelving that was part of the Action Wall.

The project consisted of 40 plus locations throughout the state of Wisconsin. Four differ crews worked on this project over a five-week period of time. We also partnered with a general contractor on this project.


The challenges with this project center around coordinating schedules with the General Contractor, and delivery of The Action Walls to the. This project was produced on the first shift and these were active stores with all departments open. The crew had to make sure areas were barricaded off properly so shoppers were safe while the crews were working.



CertaPro Painters was chosen by the client because of our understanding of retail operations, the ability to understand that our customer has a business to run and effectively producing the project while the business remained open and fully operational.