Golden Rule Award

We were so honoured to see our very own Keith Paul recognized in front of over 1000 people at the annual CertaPro Conference in Carlsbad, California, as the Golden Rule Award winner for 2022!

5000+ painters in all of North America working with CertaPro. And Keith was picked as the best example of living the golden rule. Congratulations, Keith!

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work in your home.” Is something you can expect Keith Paul to say to any of our customers here at CertaPro Painters of Waterloo. With genuine gratitude, care, and kindness Keith is always upholding our company’s core values. His knowledge and skill are not only demonstrated by his impeccable workmanship but also by the explanations and suggestions he gently offers to clients and sales associates alike. He can be trusted to always do the right thing and always have the knowledge to back this up.

You can only accuse Keith of “cutting corners” when referring to his laser straight-cut lines on every job. He takes pride in his level of quality and for this reason, has a high rate of callbacks for additional work after the project is complete. He is also eager to make suggestions to the client when available. Whether it be to make a skillful adjustment to the project or offer suggestions in other areas of the home that could use some freshening up Keith embraces every possibility at hand to the benefit of the bottom line and the customer.

Keith is an asset to our franchise, and the most genuine demonstration of the CertaPro Painters Gold standard, and for this reason, we were proud to nominate him for the 2022 Painter of the Year award. It is with great certainty he deserves this high level of recognition.

Golden Rule Award