Jena WellsOperations Manager

Phone: 757.810.1540

Get to know Jena:

Jena wants customers to know that like her Co-Worker Charles, faith plays the biggest role in her life.

Jena has been involved in Office Operations for the last decade with various companies and recently joined the CertaPro team in May, 2020. Her skill set is geared towards creating systems that bring better efficiency to the business as well as developing ”culture” enhancers to assist in growing staff teams. This combination helps elevate the company to their “next level”.

Jena enjoys being a part of the CertaPro team and working alongside the amazing staff here with their well source of knowledge. She also appreciates the continual education that is freely offered through the company.

She graduated from Morrisville Ag & Tech College located in Upstate NY when dinosaurs roamed the earth and where she learned to wash dishes like a champ.

In her free time, she spends time with her handsome husband and two sons. She also enjoys laying on a beach for many hours at a time, Worshipping with her musical abilities and going out for any kind of Mexican food.

Jena also enjoys vacationing in Upstate NY, and visiting her family as much as possible. One day she dreams of retiring and living on a cruise ship for a whole year…just because it sounds like fun!