Meet the Owners

Rob: I’m Rob Blanton.

Andrea: And I’m Andrea Blanton.

Rob: And we own CertaPro Painters of Virginia Peninsula.

Andrea: I think the difference in why someone should choose CertaPro is that we don’t just come in and give you a number and walk away. We’re gonna be with you from start to finish. And we’re gonna be thorough, and we’re gonna be transparent. And when there are questions that come up, there’s gonna be somebody to take care of that question.

Rob: We do a lot interior, exterior, residential, commercial, everything from homes from the early 1800s to some of the new modern hotels that are in Williamsburg area.

Andrea: People are oftentimes looking to just change the style or update a part of their home, and painting is actually one of the most inexpensive ways and quickest ways to change that entire look.

Rob: When we finish a job and that customer said that we exceeded their expectations, they were worried from day one, they’ve had bad experiences, and that the best part is at the end when they’re walking around and they’re really happy of what we’ve done and they brag to other folks about us. Schedule your free estimate today.

Andrea: We look forward to working with you.