Yaneisis DusheyBusiness Manager

Phone: (516) 341-2239

Yaneisis Dushey has a master’s Program in Corporate Communication at Baruch College, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. She has over 21 years of experience in sales, communications and marketing, and people-to-people travel programming in Cuba, where she worked in the travel and tourism industry, focusing on public relations and marketing in the Havana market.

She holds a Cuban bachelor’s degree in Journalism and two master’s, one in Tourism management and another in Marketing and has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

A background in journalism and International Relations has helped broaden her world view. Her U.S. experience includes two years arranging group tours to Cuba and other destinations through an educational tourism company.

She did an internship at the Better Business Bureau allowed her to gain invaluable business and client communication skills in the dispute resolution area.

Besides Spanish and English, Yaneisis is proficient in French and Italian having studied at Higher Institutes in her native Cuba.