House Painting Surface Preparation

Professional Painting Contractor Crews Start with Quality Preparation

Our surface preparation from professional painting contractor crews is designed to uncover and repair existing damage. This minimizes future deterioration, and protect your home from water intrusion and air leaks. They also serve as the foundation for beautiful finishes.

Our preparation techniques from our professional painting contractor crews include:

  • Power or hand washing to release ambient dirt and organic growth (mildew, algae, mold, etc.). The house is clean and new primer/paint can adhere correctly
  • Scraping to remove loose and peeling paint in areas that are obviously peeling. We will also address areas that we know have a tendency to peel or bubble
  • Sanding scraped areas to ensure paint edges don’t peel up, as well as improve their appearance
  • Identifying rotten or damaged wood and discussing a range of carpentry solutions with you to ensure the home’s substrates are sound
  • Removing degraded caulk and applying new, high quality caulks or sealants, especially around windows and doors, to seal out drafts and water
  • Removing and replacing degraded window glazing/putty to stabilize window glass

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