Premium Painting Products

Using only the highest quality painting products available

Specialized painting products make all the difference

We use only the best painting products from the most reputable manufacturers as well as specialty primers and paints to meet specific needs.

But it's not just about the quality of the paint - all modern paint products supplied by the major manufacturers are of a high quality. Selecting the appropriate product for your particular situation is now a bigger consideration because paint products have become very specialized. The combination of our years of experience and close ties with our manufacturer representatives means we are always current on the latest products - here's a brief overview:


Paint manufacturers produce different formulas to address specific applications - wood primers are different from stucco/masonry primers, which are different from metal primers. Then there are specialty primers for sealing in stains, for providing maximum adhesion or for waterproofing stucco/masonry walls with a history of water issues. It sounds complicated, but we have the know-how and experience to select the most suitable products for your particular project.


Today's paints are almost all latex-based products, the best of which use 100% acrylic resin (acrylic paints.) They vary in the formulations that determine how different paints perform in specific situations.

Some paints dry very tight, which is good for new construction, but not so good for a home with lots of layers of older paint. Others are highly elastic, which is good on wood when it expands and contracts with temperature variations, but it doesn't do anything for stucco/masonry surfaces. Some are designed to perform well in very high moisture environments and others are formulated to perform well in areas with high temperature extremes. We will handle the selection of the most appropriate products for your particular project and explain why the selected paint system is right for you.


Semi-transparent stains provide a layer of color to wood but allow the grain to show through, semi-solid stains are partially opaque and solid stains are completely opaque. To complicate it further, deck stains are different from stains used siding. Stains soak into wood rather than creating a barrier on the surface (as paints do), this makes stain application difficult unless the applicator has solid experience working with them.

Caulks & Sealants

Caulks and sealants are also specialized. General purpose latex is appropriate for many situations, but siliconized and urethane-based products are sometimes appropriate for specific situations - although some of these are not paintable. Our crews have the experience to know which to use and when, sealing out drafts and water intrusion.

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